Sitting Comfortably?

A comfortable seating experience is a central part of enjoying your cinema room and turn movie nights into an unforgettable experience.

Selecting the right home theatre seating for your cinema room is vital – it also plays a crucial part of the look and feel of your room.

At The Big Picture, we handpick luxury cinema seating, home cinema chairs and home cinema furniture.

Each chair can offer elegance, contemporary style and comfort, with outstanding features, supple leathers and a wide variety of fabrics.

At the top end, we’re fans of Dutch theatre seating specialists, Ineva.

Ineva’s Fortune Collection is the epitome of luxury, every stitch designed to offer complete, customisable, comfort. 

Ineva seating includes a motorised incliner, articulating headrest, robust full steel seating frame, tailored dimensions, customised leather grades/fabrics/COM/COL materials, cup holders, memory function and intelligent control systems.

Ineva are the last word in craftsmanship, customisation and design.

Premium Seating

Cinema seating should be designed to maximise your home experience, offering comfort, reliability and support.

The Big Picture design service can deliver the perfect seating for your home cinema, so you can sit back and watch movies and music do their thing. 

Whether it’s manual reclining or motorisation, The Big Picture can offer a solution that meets whatever your budget might be.

Cloth or leather, we can create a look or feel that’s perfect for your room. 

A Tailored Seating Solution

Luxury home cinema seating manufacturers are able to provide completely customised seating to suit any style, design or dimensions.

If you would like integrated cup holders or additional storage, we can tailor your home movie theatre seating to exact specification, style and requirements,

Armrests can be shortened, extended or individually styled – a combination of fabrics can be used to complement each other. 

We can even work with your interior designer, looking for a contemporary or traditional look, we can involve them at every stage to ensure their vision is interpreted correctly and accurately.

We can also provide spacious and luxury daybeds, loungers and chaises – and they can be mixed with single cinema seats, love seats or sofas.

Seating Innovation

If you want the ultimate cinematic ride, D-Box motion effects can be integrated into a selection of seating, providing complete immersion and putting you in synch with the movie so you can actually feel what’s happening on the big screen. 

D-Box uses Home Entertainment Motion Control (HEMC) to deliver the most amazing, life-like cinematic motion for any content that has D-Box motion codes designed.

D-BOX redefines the home cinema experiences with highly precise and immersive haptic feedback sparking imagination through motion.

Free Design Consulation